Sunday, November 20, 2005

How many blogs do you read?

John Moore, from Brand Autopsy, writes in his latest post that, according to a poll conducted by the Wall Street Journal, 62% of the voters don't read blogs. Period.

Fact: Blogging is hip, so everyone and a few people more own a blog.

Fact: Blogs are getting easier and easier to find and search, thanks to the likes of Technorati, or Google Blog Search.

Fact: Blogs have gained great notoriety, even in traditional media. Newspapers refer blog content, and blogs refer paper content, so, it has grown outside the web.

Fact: There are well-known people blogging. Lots of them. Politicians, journalists, musicians, actors, writers, among others.

Fact: Even though well over half of the blogs out there have no "readable" content whatsoever, there are many who actually present interesting and worthwhile content. Besides, these are the most visible.

Fact: 62% of voters in mentioned poll still don't read blogs.

So, speaking in traditional marketing terms, we can't blame the product. The content is there. We can't blame promotion, either. Blogs are visible and well publicized. Price? It's free! You do have to pay your internet access fees, but you would anyway. So, the problem resides in distribution.

Blogs are not user-friendly. You either open up a blog in its web form, read it, open another blog, read it, having to repeat the process endlessly just to actually read something, or you have to cope with something like RSS, or My Yahoo!, which requires configuration, and some work on the part of the user.

The day that reading your favorite blogs is as simple as opening up one(1!) webpage on your computer (or preferably in a mobile device, such your phone or pda, so the content can become truly mobile) containing all your info, but in a design as simple as a newspaper, then, blogs are really going to shine.

Sure, there is My Yahoo! and Google Homepage. It's a step in the right direction. But it needs to become simpler, cleaner, and more elegant. The tech needs to become invisible, so that anyone can use it.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

China what?

Just in from Joystiq - Parents suing Blizzard for World of Warcraft addiction

Ok, this is just plain stupid. First, some spaced-out kid plays World of Warcraft for 24h in a row. That's bad enough, but unfortunately, way too common (I used to play 4,5 hours per day in my worst times of "addiction" - but then again, I have a life, something this kid might not). Then, by the weirdest of instincts, he throws himself of a 24th floor window.

"OMFG, l0st [Staff of Chinese Dumbness], m3 s00 nEwb, thrw mslf 0ut window n0w cYa!!!!"

China is a spooky place, people.

But it's not over here. What's the grieving parents first decision after picking the kid up from the sidewalk? Suing Blizaard, of course! "So, this is a game, there's a company who makes it, so it must be responsible for my kid flying down the window in some way."

Up next: 12 year-old chinese kid hangs himself with a phone cord after losing at Solitaire.

L'Oreal e-Strat - part 1


e-Strat is underway! For those of you who didn't click the link, e-Strat is a business game run by L'Oreal for undergraduate and MBA students. Each team takes hold of a virtual cosmetics company, and has to make strategic decisions about production, marketing, research and development, corporate and environmental responsibility, in order to maximize the company's Stock Price Index. We are now playing round 1... And we hope to be one of the 1500 teams that moves on to the next phase...

So, what's the situation of our company right now, before we start playing?

- No R&D whatsoever
- Decreasing sales
- Few products, undiferenced from the competition.
- Low marketing investments.
- Runner-up in market leadership in volume, and... almost dead last in value.

To sum it up, we are in deep s**t. This is going to be tough. Real tough.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Identity (me, me, me)

1. My name is Gonçalo de Barros Lobo de Moura, I live in Cascais, Portugal; I was born December 23, 1982, which makes me a Capricorn. I look somewhat like this:

Wow, it's me

Yes, it's an awful photo. I don't know why, but making me look good on a photo is a technical impossibility.

2. I attend a Management degree at ISCTE, which i'm finishing, and I work part-time at Sacoor Brothers as a Sales Assistant. I'm also a student member of APPM.

3. I like bands such as Pink Floyd, The Gift, Slamo, Portishead, and tons of others. I also like sports, specially badminton and kung-fu, Some of my favorite movies are the Star Wars series, Vanilla Sky, Mulholland Drive, and The Matrix. I like TV series such as ER, Alias, CSI, Gato Fedorento, and anime series like Neon Genesis Evangelion and Naruto.

4. I am somewhat of an Apple zealot, and I do much of my work and play, including writing this blog, on a 12" PowerBook G4, after my 15 incher got dropped over two floors last year. Yes, I'm still grieving about it.

5. I love to travel, and I've been to Spain, France, and England. Next on my travel list - Japan.

6. Right now, I have an interest for marketing, advertising and management - themes which will be focused often in this blog. I read a number of blogs on these topics, most of which will be added over time to the sidebar (over there ->).

7. I am a passionate, active, and enthusiast person. Nothing thrills me more than creativity, innovation, and forward-thinking.

8. Projects at hand right now:
- a final degree project, which consists of creating a new cereal production company
- a "" class work: writing a manifest on remodelling the portuguese government, based on modern management guidelines.
- a "personal marketing" class work: elaborating a marketing plan... for myself.
- L'Oreal e-strat challenge; business game created by StratX for L'Oreal.
- this blog (just started)

So this is me (most of it)... And what will this "me" write about in his blog?

- my current projects;
- my thoughts in finishing my degree and entering the "real life";
- ideas on management
- ideas on marketing
- pretty much anything that comes to mind.

Hope you enjoy the ride :)